No More Excuses to Not Send Out Holiday Cards!

Holiday Cards from Postable

It's hard to believe, but the holiday season is upon us! While it is my favorite time of year, the season also adds a number of line items to my to-do list, number one being holiday cards. I truly have a love/hate relationship with holiday cards [...]

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Dress Up Your Nursery with this Darling DIY Mobile

DIY Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile

Looking for a simple way to add color and texture to your nursery decor? How about making a custom scrap fabric baby mobile? When my eye caught the adorable prints of Springmaid's new Sarah Francis Collection at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I knew they'd be perfect for dangling above the crib in this fun DIY project. [...]

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Rooms and Parties We Love this Week

Light and Neutral Boys Nursery - Project Nursery

This week was no different than any other! We had lots of insanely cool and creative projects uploaded to the gallery, and now that it's Friday, we've narrowed it down to the four rooms and parties we love. Which one is your favorite? [...]

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Postpartum Style for Less Than $50

Postpartum Style from Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

Getting yourself dressed in those early postpartum days is no easy task. Babies are—well, demanding, and there will be days when changing from your cozy pajamas into anything resembling real clothes will be the last thing on your mind. But here's the thing [...]

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Soft and Cozy Celestial Nursery

Gray, Pink and Mint Nursery Design Board - Project Nursery

I'm one of those people who's always been super picky with fabrics. I like things soft, with smooth seams and definitely nothing scratchy. I was the kid complaining about the tag in my clothes (before they made them silky smooth like they do today). [...]

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DIY : How to Sew a Bandana Bib

Bandana Bib Pattern

Teething is inevitable. Hooray for solid foods! But the drool that those impending chompers produce is unreal. Easier to change than a soaked-neckline onesie and more stylish than a traditional feeding bib, the bandana bib is a fresh way to keep the laundry at bay. [...]

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A Dreamy Touch for Any Nursery Design

Dreamcatchers from The Project Nursery Shop

Sometimes a trend comes along that's just so, well, dreamy that it's impossible to resist. We've been swooning over the gorgeous dreamcatchers we've been spotting in the gallery lately—so much so, in fact, that we couldn't NOT add our own version to The Project Nursery Shop. [...]

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Absolutely Unbelievable Kid’s Rooms (Giveaway!)

Luckily, when we were kids, there was no internet and no way to see the infinite amount of ways a kid’s room could be decorated. (Although, it’s not like kids spend hours a day on Pinterest drooling over amazing spaces, right?) Anyway, previously we had searched for the most over-the-top... Read More →

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Designing a Vintage Themed Nursery That Isn’t Dated

There’s a reason that vintage pieces are still so incredibly popular – they have a style and craftsmanship that some people think is missing from contemporary design. There’s also a charming naivete to older books, posters, and toys. It was a simpler time and the days passed at a slower... Read More →

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Magnificently Modern Pink Nursery Design Inspiration

Pink may be a classic baby nursery color, but that doesn’t mean it has to look dated. Esther from Buy Modern Baby proves it in this month’s nursery design mood board based on Lullaby Paints in Softest Pink. Esther says, “I found Softest Pink from Lullaby Paints to be a very... Read More →

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On Trend While Still On Budget

Woodland Bedding

Decorating a nursery can be an expensive endeavor, but there is no need to break the bank! Today’s mom wants to create the nursery of her dreams without spending a small fortune. We would like to show you how you can decorate your baby’s room with on trend and budget-friendly décor items that you can find online or at your local retailer. [...]

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Bingo! We’ve Found Your New Crib

Babyletto Bingo Crib

Multitasking is an art that new parents develop very quickly. You learn how to do things one-handed, get more done with less time and figure out the fastest way to do two, three or four things at once, so any time we find a product that multitasks too, we're all over it. [...]

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Bath Time Bliss for Babies of All Ages

Newborn Bathtub from The First Years

I absolutely love bath time with my two little ones—the bubbles and the giggles and the squeals of delight are absolutely joyful, and those squeaky clean, sweet smelling babes fresh out of the bath and ready for a snuggle easily make it my favorite time of day. [...]

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Trendspotting with Sam Simon at the High Point Market

Floral Wall Art from Bliss Studio

I traveled for the first time this month to experience the big momma of all the home furnishing trade shows, the High Point Market in North Carolina. Over 75,000 people flood the small town of High Point every six months in search of interesting finds and the hottest trends. [...]

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Here’s a Fresh Take on Decal Designs

Birch Tree Wall Decals from Lulukuku

When I was planning my daughter's nursery, I knew I wanted something different and unexpected, and wall decals helped me to accomplish that look in a fun way. That's one of the reasons I'm excited to introduce you to Lulukuku [...]

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The New Nautical

Nautical Nursery

Nautical nurseries never go out of style. It's a classic look that works for a boy or a girl (yes, a girl!). We've noticed a lot of nautical nurseries go super preppy, and while the classic take always looks great, we decided to try something a little different, a little more modern. [...]

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Eco-Friendly Changing Tables for Every Budget

Going green in the nursery? Good for you! It’s not only better for the planet, it’s also better for your baby since eco-friendly products have fewer (or no) toxic chemicals in them. Whether you have deep pockets or need to do it on a dime, we’ve got you covered. Check... Read More →

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Fresh Cut Flowers for the Nursery

Tissue Paper Flowers

Want to keep flowers in your nursery year round? If you've got some paper and scissors, we'll show you how you can add some beauty and some whimsy to your child's space. [...]


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A Halloween Party for the Littlest Ghosts and Goblins

Circus-Themed Halloween Party

My kids love Halloween, but honestly sometimes some of the spookier decorations get the better of them. So this year instead of the classic spooky Halloween, I wanted to create a non-scary party that all of the little guests could enjoy. [...]


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Greenbuds is Showing Off Their Inner Child Through Design!

Sweet Dreams Pillow Cover from Greenbuds

I am a strong believer that a great room design looks even more polished with the addition of a fabulous pillow. I am constantly switching up the pillows throughout my house (more often than I'd like to admit!) because it’s a great way to give your spaces a fresh look [...]


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Make Homemade Playdough Like a Boss

Homemade Playdough Recipe

I distinctly remember the homemade playdough of my childhood—it was gritty and crumbly, it dried out way too fast, and it was super salty (yes, I occasionally sampled the goods—don't judge). Basically, it was garbage. But today I'm here to proclaim that the DIY gods have smiled down upon our generation of moms [...]


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This is a Childproofing Miracle!

Magnetic Locking System from Safety 1st

I have a confession. The only childproofing my husband and I did when my daughter started crawling was to install baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. Aside from one incident when I found her at the top of the staircase when she was about nine months old [...]


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Rooms and Parties We Love this Week

Charlie Brown Halloween Party - Project Nursery

It's Friday, and we're getting ready to cozy up for another gorgeous fall weekend. Whether you'll be watching football, registering for your baby shower or simply enjoying some well-earned down time, kick it off by checking out the rooms and parties we love this week. [...]


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5 Inexpensive Cribs Under $200

Inexpensive Cribs

While our hearts may be set on a gorgeous custom crib, our dreams don't always fit our bank account's reality. Inexpensive cribs can be smart for many reasons. [...]

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How I Make and Store Baby Food

How to Make and Store Baby Food

My eleven-month-old son Everett decided that he was done with baby food last week. I was feeding him lunch one day, and as I was preparing to give him his first bite, he karate chopped the spoon, and pureed carrot landed right below his left eye. [...]


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